Monday, October 3, 2016

Summer's Last Hurrah ♥

Hello, it's me... no, sadly not Adele, but me, owner of this poor neglected blog.

When I began this new little space on the big, wide internet I had so many plans and was full of inspiration... now I can't even find the words to speak in person, never mind contemplating things to say on here.

I feel like I'm failing so much with my other blog, stuck in a perpetual and stubborn bout of bloggers block, so I've popped over here to my happy and carefree little space, the blog that doesn't expect anything from me and which expects or needs no promotion at all. In fact, I don't even care if no one reads this blog, this one is for me, but if you are reading along and taking a browse through my pictures then thank you so much, you're very welcome here.

Things have changed a lot in my life since I last contributed anything here. I'm now the mother of two children, two beautiful boys, each so different yet also so alike. The baby is besotted with the eldest and the eldest is protective of the baby, it's loud and busy but oh so lovely and I wouldn't change it for the world.

The baby is just four months old but we've already had so many adventures, it saddens me that I haven't shared any here so far, the blog which is supposed to be for my photography, but alas, they're elsewhere and I did manage to take an awful lot of pictures of his first summer on this Earth and for that I am grateful. I'll share adventures from his first autumn here instead and the months that follow... we'll have years of fun together.

We did have one last hurrah to summer though the other day, I can't remember exactly what day it was as they all melt into one now, but we ventured out to a place which I love and which my eldest now loves too thanks to the big lighthouse there, one that you can only admire and not visit mind.

The sun was splitting the stones as my Dad would say, it was a glorious day here in Ireland, as if summer was lingering on not wanting to let go and give way to the dullness, the clouds, the wind and the rain - which have all since arrived by the way. Summer gave us one last, beautiful hurrah and it was perfect.

I sat on the slipway with my babies, looking out to the ocean, glittering from the beating sun, foamy, white waves lapping at the shore and I thought to myself "this is perfect, I could sit here forever" and I really could have - I may have to bring a cushion for that stony slipway though!

Our life isn't perfect, nor is it overly exciting, but it's ours and I like it and capturing all these memories for my children, of our spur of the moment outdoor adventures is something which I love and will continue to do until they no longer want to join in.

Until that day I'll continue snapping away and relishing every impromptu or planned outing with them because they are my babies. Forever.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunshine Days ♥

Things have been quiet on this little blog of mine once again. I find it's best not to post here unless I'm truly inspired or have something beautiful to share. I've been so consumed with my other blog lately, Dolly Dowsie - trying to up my page views again and get regular content out, having become quite lax at blogging during my pregnancy, that it's refreshing to have this little blog, Fawns & Fables, as my own little space to tend to as little or as much as I like.

I had big plans for this blog when I first began it over a year ago now - it's amazing how quickly time ticks by - but life always seems to get in the way and since becoming pregnant, my ability to go out, explore and capture some amazing photographs has been hindered. I can't wait to have this baby (I'm currently overdue at 40+2 weeks) and have my adventurous side and stamina back.

These images of a beautiful rape seed field were captured yesterday by my beloved partner Jacek. We were on the road to a beautiful beach down in East Cork and spotted this carpet of yellow over the hills. He just had to stop on the way back and capture some snaps of it all, it was breathtaking to look at and it smelt so sweetly too, a real sign of summer.

I'm so happy that we've been blessed by some sunshine days recently, it really does lift my spirit and makes me dream of getting outside, little ones in tow, camera in hand, snapping away at the wonder of the world around me. I've been captivated by wanderlust at the moment and I'm so ready to dust off the cobwebs and start the next chapter of mine and my family's lives after we welcome this baby into the world. I've always said that spring is my favourite season but believe me, summer is a close second.

My little family and I have been enjoying copious amounts of ice-cream, beautiful surroundings and laughter lately. It's made us all so happy and I'm looking forward to seeing what else the summer has in store for us.

Sunshine days really do warm the heart and the soul.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hints Of Spring ♥

Spring, my favourite season, so full of the joys of life with it's delicious splashes of colour and new life in bloom all around us. After the long and stark winter I so welcome the world transforming from dull and grey tones into the bright and beautiful hues which symbolise the coming of warmer weather and days spent outdoors with those I love.

Yesterday, whilst I was looking after a dog for his owners, I took my camera out to explore their beautiful garden. There were so many pretty plants and flowers blooming and I couldn't help but take a few snaps of the ones which caught my eye the most. There was an abundance of daffodils in the garden but I neglected taking pictures of them in favour of the other shades in sights now - I've been viewing yellow since January now it seems so it's lovely to be seeing splashes of pink and purple again.

It was such a beautiful and sunny evening that on the way home from dog minding I decided to take my son to see his Grandad. I love going back 'home', home being the house I grew up in and I only wish I appreciated it and its beautiful surroundings when I was a youngster - oh how I long to live in the countryside again. Out home we discovered another hint of spring, some adorable baby lambs, whom my son has since christened Milly and Molly - luckily they are girls! One of the lambs was in love with the camera, turning her head to look at it whenever she got a chance - perhaps Tyra would have been a better name for her!

I love seeing hints of spring everywhere now, it's such a joyous season, full of new life and colour. I'm looking forward to capturing more of the delights of my favourite season as the weeks go by and shall try my very best to share them here, on my very much neglected second blog...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Fairy Prince ♥

Yesterday I went to the woods and I found the fairy prince...

It's amazing what a pair of rain and wind battered fairy wings can do for a child's imagination, and for a photographers creative vision too. My little prince was delighted with his newfound wings and he skipped off through the woods with them on his back, it was the sweetest sight.

We ventured through the woods, me with camera in hand, him with filled with a sense of wonder and magic... it was perfect. We admired all the offerings of the child-made fairyland, little trinkets scattered at the bottom of trees, surrounded by moss, ivy and fallen twigs and leaves. It's amazing how something so simple can make a place feel so magical.

At the very end of the woods my fairy prince found a clearing, one we had stumbled upon in the summer too, but this time the view was quite duller, the bright greens and bright blooms of summer missing from the vista on this visit, still... he loved in nonetheless.

On our way back through the wood an abandoned farmhouse settled in a nearby field caught my eye. I just had to go and explore it. Ivy clung to the derelict walls, reminding me that even discarded things can be embraced. A blue door was ajar but the path was blocked by overgrowth and something that resembled and old pram. As we explored some more we came to the front of the house and I imagine that it would have looked utterly beautiful and homely in its heyday. An abandoned blue car with the door left open remained outside and the shattered living room window revealed a floor strewn with book pages and cups ready for a nice cup of tea left on the table. It's as if the former occupants of the house simply vanished and no one had visited the house since... I fell in love with the place, although it did give me a spooky sense too.

Back in the woods my fairy prince hid behind a tree and an old iron bedhead which has since grown into a tree. His bright blue eyes peeped out at me through the leaves and the darkness. We could have played peekaboo all day long and he'd have never become bored.

Our final stop in the wood was at a mossy tree where he sat with his best friend Puppy, posing for a picture and giving lots of cuddles. These are some of the sweetest pictures I have captured of my fairy prince in recent times and I'll cherish them.

We had such a magical adventure in the woods and I couldn't have wished for a better exploring companion than my little fairy prince...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Wonderland Link-Up #5 ♥

It's The Wonderland Link-Up time once again, Sunday's always seem to roll by so quickly these days don't they? I hope that lots of you will link up your beautiful, awe-inspiring pictures and remember, these can be of anything - your children, nature, a beautiful spot in your home, animals, etc... the possibilities for beauty are endless.

The idea of The Wonderland Link-Up came from comments I received from people on some of my photography posts saying that my captures looked like they were from another world, a fairyland of sorts. So, as a huge Alice in Wonderland fan I thought - "why can't there be wonderlands here on Earth?" The point of The Wonderland Link-Up is to share any pictures you took during the week which made you stop and think "wow!". They could be photos of places and moments that were super magical to you and which seemed like they could be from another, perfect or weird and wonderful world. So please do share the magic in your photography or the world around you with us all.

The Wonderland Link-Up will take place every Sunday and shall run until Wednesday for entries. I shall be commenting on the entries myself over the coming days and look forward to seeing some beautiful images that inspired you and made you feel a bit awe-struck for awhile after you captured them. Thank you so much to Channon from Sunshine By Channon and Merlinda from Glimmer of Hope for linking up in the last link-up.

My picture was week five was taken yesterday when my boys and I visited the beautiful town of Ardmore, Co. Waterford. Our first stop was to look at this round tower, thought to have been founded by St. Declan in the first century, but it's most likely from the 12th century. It was amazing to look at, towering high up into the bright blue sky and overlooking the beautiful bay. As you can see the door is four metres up, I have no idea how monks got into it but it was used to protect valuables and the monks from enemy attack. I love how this picture turned out and as it was such a bright, clear day you can even spot the moon in the picture if you look very closely.

I am also linking this photo up to OneDad3Girls #MySundayPhoto

Thank you for taking part and have a lovely week, hopefully full of magic, joy and wonder...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Yellow Waves & A Curly Haired Babe ♥

Driving back from afternoon tea along the small, winding roads of Jersey, I spotted a familiar sight in the fields, a beautiful sea of yellow which I had captured lots of pictures of back home in Ireland in May. I couldn't believe that the rape seed fields were still in bloom in July, they had all been harvested long ago back home and I just had to go back and capture my son amongst the yellow waves once again.

Sadly the sky was gloomy, but that didn't stop my curly haired babe having a giggle amongst the sea of yellow flowers, even if he did find it all a bit daunting at first. The fields actually gave a view down to the sea, it was a beautiful sight. I'm so glad I was able to capture more of these beautiful fields, they really are stunning in person and go on as far as the eye can see - a sea of golden flowers, the perfect photo opportunity once again.

I put the close up shots of my sun in black and white as I love how his curls look in the black and white filter, I also think the lack of colour suits his thoughtful little expressions, they're a far contrast to giggling smiles when he was standing amongst the flowers.

You can see more pictures from when we walked in fields of gold before and the sky was a lot brighter. The grey skies and clouds didn't dampen the vibrant beauty of the yellow loveliness for us though...