Saturday, May 26, 2018

Pine Cone Collecting in the Woods ♥

This little blog of mine, supposed to be a seasonal project of mine, but I think having skipped two whole seasons means I'm failing at my project... I do love this blog though and although it is hugely neglected (thanks to a busy life and never having time for anything I enjoy), it's like an old friend that I can always come back to.

At times I feel like giving up my main blog, Dolly Dowsie, but I could never give up this little blog, I love it too much. It's very much 'me', what I love in life and it feels a lot more wholesome. I wish Dolly Dowsie still felt like that... perhaps it's not to late to turn it around.

Yesterday we went pine cone collecting in the woods. We set off with two baskets - one for the boys to carry around and collect bits and bobs of treasure from their woodland walk, the other for Jacek to fill up with as many pine cones as he could find. Pine cones, you see, make for great fuel for the fire and with the colder weather fast approaching (it was only 6 degrees yesterday morning!), we need as much fuel as we can get our hands on.

Luckily the woodland floor was already scattered with fallen pine cones, littered here and there, ripe for the picking.

We left the wood with a big basketful, but not before the boys larked around climbing trees, banks and eating too far gone blackberries off a bramble. They took great delight in throwing the fallen, crispy leaves in the air, over their heads and letting them tumble down upon them. Tyler swung on a rope swing in the dimming, golden light and it was all just so lovely.

After a hard day of constant whinging, missed naps, no alone time and the frustration that comes with being a parent to two young boys, this evening stroll and collecting session through the woods was just what my soul needed.

I love seeing my kids embrace nature. Outside is the best side for sure for our family. The woods - which I played in myself as a child, make for the best playground for them and they thoroughly enjoy going there.

With autumn setting in I know many strolls through the woods will be had over the coming weeks. It's one of our happy places. It's free, it's beautiful and no matter how many times you visit there is always something new to see.

I'm happy to be raising nature-loving boys and I'm happy that something so simple as collecting pine cones in the woods, can turn our days right around and warm our hearts just a little bit more.


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