Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunshine Days ♥

Things have been quiet on this little blog of mine once again. I find it's best not to post here unless I'm truly inspired or have something beautiful to share. I've been so consumed with my other blog lately, Dolly Dowsie - trying to up my page views again and get regular content out, having become quite lax at blogging during my pregnancy, that it's refreshing to have this little blog, Fawns & Fables, as my own little space to tend to as little or as much as I like.

I had big plans for this blog when I first began it over a year ago now - it's amazing how quickly time ticks by - but life always seems to get in the way and since becoming pregnant, my ability to go out, explore and capture some amazing photographs has been hindered. I can't wait to have this baby (I'm currently overdue at 40+2 weeks) and have my adventurous side and stamina back.

These images of a beautiful rape seed field were captured yesterday by my beloved partner Jacek. We were on the road to a beautiful beach down in East Cork and spotted this carpet of yellow over the hills. He just had to stop on the way back and capture some snaps of it all, it was breathtaking to look at and it smelt so sweetly too, a real sign of summer.

I'm so happy that we've been blessed by some sunshine days recently, it really does lift my spirit and makes me dream of getting outside, little ones in tow, camera in hand, snapping away at the wonder of the world around me. I've been captivated by wanderlust at the moment and I'm so ready to dust off the cobwebs and start the next chapter of mine and my family's lives after we welcome this baby into the world. I've always said that spring is my favourite season but believe me, summer is a close second.

My little family and I have been enjoying copious amounts of ice-cream, beautiful surroundings and laughter lately. It's made us all so happy and I'm looking forward to seeing what else the summer has in store for us.

Sunshine days really do warm the heart and the soul.
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