Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hibernating ♥

Ah winter, a season which I thought I loved (I was always adamant that I liked each of the seasons equally), but which keeps going down in my estimations on a daily basis. I'm sick of the grey skies, lack of light and the never-ending drizzle. I'm a tired and freezing cold mess and at this point I'm just longing for spring and all it's beautiful blooms.

It's not that we're a fair-weather family, in fact not at all. I'll happily let my boys skip and jump about in the rain, they're not shy in getting dirty and cold, but even they seem to be in hibernation mode. My four year old, who was blessed with an abundance of never-ending energy even had a nap yesterday, something he hasn't done since he was in his early 3's. The cold, dreary and dull days have gotten to us all.

The baby (who is now 19 months old but who will forever be referred to as 'the baby') now sleeps under two, thick blankets and he even napped in his snuggly soft dressing gown the other day for the warmth. He was an adorable, cosy sight and I couldn't help snapping a picture of him dozing alongside his beloved teddies - the blue one being the teddy version of the Velveteen Rabbit, all worn from constant love and affection. The poor thing is on it's last legs but he's never without it, it's adorable.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some aspects to winter which I absolutely love - the vibrant pink and orange sunrises, the perfect pastel sunsets, the appearance of more and more cheery little robins around the place (Santa's robins apparently!) and the beautiful frosty patterns across the landscape... but I've come to the conclusion that I'm most definitely a spring and summer kind of girl.

I just miss getting out and about, having the light to practice my photography (one of my biggest passions in life) and not having ice-blocks for hands. Maybe I should just try harder to embrace the spirit of winter and capture what I can on camera, even if it's grainy... I'll give it a go, but the perfectionist in me is already dying inside at the thought of bad photography due to lack of light. I love that this little blog of mine has turned into a seasonal project though, it's very special to me.

Until spring rears it's beautiful head again I think we'll be stuck in this hibernating mode, caught up in warm blankets, comfort food and roaring fires.

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