Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Spring in Ireland ♥

Spring has most definitely reared her beautiful, flowery head here in Ireland. Her arrival has come very early this year, bringing a host of golden daffodils long before their expected bloom time - at this rate there'll be none left for Easter, which I have to admit does make me a little sad... What is Easter without a lovely yellow daffodil or two?

Spring is my favourite though, a season I have always had a lovely feeling about. I remember loving spring as a child, waiting for my birthday and Easter to arrive. Spring conjures up images of baby bunnies and lambs for me, beautiful splashes of coloured blooms on old stone walls, pretty bunting flying high in the breeze and a general feeling of warmth and happiness in the air.

I feel lucky to be a spring baby and to have given birth to my own spring baby too. It's a beautiful time of year and one which will always have a special place in my heart.

Springtime in Ireland is a beautiful sight to behold. Those lush green fields get sprinkled with dots of white and yellow daisies - one of my favourite little flowers of all. Daffodils, with their bright yellow crowns, are found on hedgerows and at the sides of roads - who planted the bulbs I don't know, but I'm ever so glad they did.

Spring, a time for new life and oh do I love seeing it come to life and grow. I am now only awaiting the warmer spring days. The days when I can dress my little boys in their shorts and rompers with adorable little socks and t-bar shoes. The days when we can have Easter egg hunts in the woods and have spontaneous little trips to the beach for lunch after school.

Spring will forever be my favourite.


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