Saturday, February 16, 2019

11 Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly ♥

We all need to do better to save our planet. It's something I've very passionate about and something which I think everyone on this Earth needs to be a whole lot more conscious about.

As a parent, it's my job to teach my children about being eco-friendly and all of these lessons start at home.

Our home, after all, is the place where we spend most time and is the area where we can really change the impact we have on the environment. One of the ways we can ensure our homes stand the eco test of time is to ensure that we do our best to save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. New build homes are already undertaking many steps, but older houses need to improve too. 

You don't need to spend a whole lot of money, time and effort in making your home eco-friendly (go ahead if you can afford it of course!) but even a few tweaks to become more environmentally friendly can have a huge impact. Here are some tips on how you can create an eco-friendly home and do your bit for the planet.

Replace your windows
Investing in new windows is such a beneficial thing to do for your home to keep heat in and exclude draughts. Single glazed windows let out so much heat, and double glazing doesn’t have to be ugly - there are plenty of great options available on the market for replacement windows.
Insulate the attic
Attic insulation has been recommended for quite a long time now, but a lot of homeowners still haven’t invested in it - mainly due to the costs involved. Heat rises, so it makes sense to insulate your attic with recycled or natural materials. You will recoup the costs of the initial investment in your energy bills within 2-3 years so it really is worth the investment if you can afford it.
Insulate cavity walls
In homes that were built before energy saving was an important priority, energy can be wasted in cavity walls as well as attics. Insulate the cavity walls just as you would the attic to make sure your home is being as energy efficient as it possibly can be.
Thick Curtains
Blinds might look great, but they don’t do a lot to keep heat in. Using thick curtains is great for keeping draughts out, heat in a room and for blocking out light - particularly great for children's bedrooms.

Turn down the thermostat
By turning down your thermostat just by one degree Celsius, you could save yourself a lot of money per year. Such a simple tweak to become more eco-friendly within the home and something you probably won't even notice either!
Block Draughts
Draught excluders may not be stylish but they definitely work and we all know how annoying draughts can be so they are definitely beneficial too. There's no point in having the heating on if a cold draught is flooding into the room - so block those draughts and keep the heat in.
Under floor Heating
Wall radiators aren’t very energy efficient. Under floor heating is such a better way to heat your home and although it may seem like a big task, it is actually quite straightforward to install under floor heating in the home. 

Install solar panels
Solar panels can be expensive to install, but they will make savings for you in the long term. 

Recycled Furniture
If you’re looking for new furniture, head to the likes of eBay and other second-hand selling sites or Facebook selling groups to see what you can seek out. Often you can completely change the look of a piece of furniture just by painting it, adding some fabric or changing the handles. You can see an old armchair I upcycled and some chairs I upcycled too if you're looking for some inspiration and all of these upcycles can be so cheap to complete too.
Check Energy Performance Certificate 
If you’re planning to move into a new home, whether that’s by buying or renting, you should check the Energy Performance Certificate which will inform you of the CO2 emissions and the house’s energy use. A is the most energy efficient and G is the least. Knowing to look for this certificate will help you to choose an energy efficient home and help you to save money in utility bills in the long run.
LED bulbs
LED bulbs have advanced so much in recent years that they are now available in pretty much every colour and style. They're now quite cheap too and can be bought for as little as €1.50 from discount stores.

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