Friday, October 13, 2017

Our Whimsical Days ♥

I can't give my children everything I wish I could.

We sadly don't have fancy holidays or trips to Disney, simply because we cannot afford them. This makes me quite sad as I also have a partner who has been dying to return home to South Africa for a holiday for over ten years now... hopefully someday soon we'll get there and other places, but for now we're home birds.

The children only get new toys on Christmas and birthdays and in their defense, they never ask for anything either. Nevertheless, the house we live in is covered in a plethora of toys, almost all of which go unplayed with - the boys instead embracing being outside, playing chase and jumping on and off the couches.

They are wild. They're loud, adventurous, curious, always on the go, playful and happy - just as children should be. Keeping them from getting bored though can be a challenge and I try to take them out as much as I can.

Luckily for us (and my picture taking self), our little walks always seem to turn into a little adventure and although the things we come across may seem so ordinary and boring to others, we find them magical.

The other day, one a very sunny and warm October day - after hurricane Ophelia had done her damage to the island, we ventured out to one of my favourite places, hoping to take a stroll down to the strand. However, a tree had fallen over, blocking the path and I wouldn't let the children go any further for fear the tree might come down on top of them. Instead we stayed in the boreen, playing with the leaves, looking over the walls to the sunny fields beyond, taking pictures and generally just having a laugh with each other.

See, I'm learning as I get older, that it doesn't matter where we are, but the people we have around us that is most important. My younger cousin was with us on this day, helping me get Beau to laugh whilst dropping leaves on him, I then let her take her first pictures with a proper DSLR camera and she was only delighted, showing as much passion for phototaking as I have myself. It was so lovely to see and I hope one day one or both of my boys also have that love for snapping pictures.

From the boreen we walked the short distance to the little cottage my grandmother grew up in. The cottage would have been so beautiful in it's hey-day with it's church-like arched windows and tiled pathway... now it's ivy-clad, crumbling and abandoned, but still stunning.

I let the children hop over the wall and take a peek through the window frames. Tyler sat on one and the light flooded down through the tree tops above, giving beautiful natural light flares to the pictures. I live for natural light flares.

It was such a simple day, but for us 'slow living for life folk' what could be better than sunshine, clear blue skies, quiet country lanes, abandoned houses and good company?



  1. Happiness is not always about where you can go, or what you can afford, but time spent together. It sounds like your adventurous kids find creative ways to spend time together.

  2. Well happiness sometimes can be get in simple things and those smiles from them - its precious! Being with nature and the simplicity is just enough. Those picture seems to be taken by a professional photographer! Candid shots! <3

  3. Oh my goodness...those curls!!! What sweet pictures of your children...I can see pure joy on their faces.

  4. I love these pictures -- so breathtaking! And I totally agree; sometimes it's the simple things in life, right? Not necessarily things that bring happiness to us.

  5. I absolutely love the happiness in your photos. These are certainly some memorable moments you shared here. Appreciated a peek into your whimsical days!

  6. Thank you for sharing this simple slice of your life. I love your photos, they are just so beautiful and calm. Life can be so calm if we choose to make it so. Keep on keeping on and living your lovely life.

  7. Your kids are too cute! Happiness isn't always materialistic things, that's for sure.

  8. In the end it is the memories that really count. Your kids have some great smiles on their faces. Be happy in the moment! Great pics!

  9. Such gorgeous photos. Your little ones are always the picture of happiness. Hopefully you guys can get back you SA soon! I’m sure that must be so hard on your significant other! - jeanine

  10. These are such lovely photos! They really capture the moments of childhood happiness. I love the colors too!

  11. These photos are wonderful. What lovely memories to have of your littles. And the memories you are giving them with letting them be out and wild are priceless.

  12. What an absolutely beautiful post and adventure. These are the memories you will all look back on with fondness. Expensive holidays aren’t essential. Look how happy they are ❤️


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