Friday, October 27, 2017

Doneraile Park in the Autumn ♥

Last weekend we returned to a place we had visited earlier in the year, a place that was filled with beautiful nature and photo opportunities in almost every spot - this of course made my heart very happy, being a snap-happy person of course! This place was Doneraile Park.

I had thought that maybe the place wouldn't have been as beautiful and colourful as it had been on our previous visit in April - back then the pretty gardens and lanes were crowded with pretty purple flowers and the first hints of blossoming wild garlic - I was wrong though, autumn in Doneraile Park is a right treat for the eyes.

It was truly an autumn wonderland, with leaves carpeted on the ground, trees raining leaves with every small puff of wind - my eldest took delight in trying to catch these as they swirled and danced around him. The landscape was a picture of oranges, greens and browns and there was a beautiful tree to capture the eye almost everywhere you looked.

We loved getting an up close and personal encounter with the deer that live in the park. My eldest took great delight in a friendly stag eating grass out of his hands and christened him 'Kyum' - I have no idea where he comes up with his names for animals and characters but they're always unique!

We walked over 5k around the vast grounds and were enchanted by the scenery around us. This is definitely a spot which we'll go to each autumn. It's just to beautiful not to.

Witnessing autumn in Ireland is one of the best experiences a person can have it life and hopefully these pictures show you why.


  1. Wow, I love all of those gorgeous colors!

    1. Thank you! Such beautiful autumnal sights everywhere around this park.


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