Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wholesome Living ♥

"Your health is your wealth", so people say, but as of late, my health has been nothing but a giant hindrance to my life, stopping me from what I want to do and leaving me in so much pain that I've cried, a lot.

I never really understood illness before I began having this trouble - suspected gallbladder issues, although an ultrasound is still yet to be had. I've always been a healthy person, only visiting the hospital to have my babies (and to get stitches in my head after I was pushed off a chair and into a brick wall as a child). I've never even broken a bone - my mother struck lucky with my brother and I in this regard. But since my second pregnancy, I've been left with bouts of aggressive pain that comes and goes with no want nor reason.

After having my second baby back in May, I decided that I needed to change my unhealthy ways and live a more wholesome lifestyle. I must admit, I've been a bit slack... I have made some healthier changes but I'm not as active as I want to be. There's no point in me having protein shakes for breakfast if I'm not getting out for walks and fresh air.

With the new year I was a typical sheep - "New year, new me" and all that jazz... but it's not as simple as that is it? You must actually want to change. That's me now, wanting to change and live a more wholesome life.

The other day I popped some leftover sausage rolls in our microwave to heat up and left it to it's own devices so I could give the sitting room a quick tidy up. Returning to the kitchen I was greeted by billowing green coloured smoke that choked me. I open the microwave door to see a melted plate and four bits of charcoal - which I'm guessing were the sausage rolls. The bloody thing only went and overheated, having only been on for three minutes. It was at that moment that I decided I was never using a microwave again.

Meals are now made in the oven and on the hob. We're no longer going to be lazy with cooking fresh food and better meals, because there's no cheat anymore and you know what, it actually feels great to be shunning the microwave.

This morning my eldest boy asked for "Porridge like Daddy". He is the pickiest eater there ever was, so I was bit reluctant to carry out his request, plus he was already after having his breakfast. Nonetheless, I poured out the oats and heated up a sup of milk in a saucepan. As an extra treat and offering to make him eat it, I stirred in two spoons of chocolate spread to the oats and warm milk. Well, his face was a picture - "Choccie porridge!" he said with delight, and guess what, he ate every single morsel of it. Serves me right for being a doubting Thomas, think he'll have to have a bowl of warm porridge every morning before preschool now to set him up for the day.

In the doctors yesterday evening I was rifling through magazines and came across a recipe for Nutella stuffed French toast. Such a simple thing but I know my boy would love it. I'm intent on making it for him this weekend.

I want to start making new meals for us all. Simple things as I'm not a very good cook, but I'm willing to give it a go so that I can be more conscious about what myself and my children are eating.

I've been looking on different blogs for some food inspiration and have stumbled across some great ideas on The Nest and Simply Homemade. Emily and Nicola's tables are always adorned with the most delicious looking treats and I'm a big fan of their blogs, they give off such a welcoming and cosy impression - do you get what I mean?

I want my sons to enjoy their food and I no longer want to see mealtimes and food preparation as a chore.

As a family we already get outdoors quite a lot, which is amazing for us all. But I really want to go for a daily walk, no matter what the weather. If it's a quick twenty minutes.

I want to raise boys who enjoy the great outdoors and thankfully I'm succeeding with this.

I also want to teach the boys that it's moments and memories that matter, not things. I think this is an essential part of living a more wholesome life. Our house is filled with things, but essentially these mean nothing. I want my boys, and myself, to appreciate the things that really matter.

My eldest boy turns four next month and he's not getting any toys. Instead he'll be getting more meaningful gifts, things he can use outside and which can teach him a skill in life.

I feel really positive about these changes I want to make in our lives. They're not big changes by any means, but I think their impact on us all will be amazing.

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  1. Firstly, take care of you & your health. I've know from friends gallbladder pain can be excruciating so I really hope it's sorted for you very soon.
    Secondly, well done for initiating healthy changes. It takes time and energy so don't berate yourself when every day isn't what you hoped it would be, in particular given your current circumstances. It will all come good in time, and you and your family will reap the benefits. The decision to make changes is a=often the hardest part and you've done that so already you're on a good path.
    Finally, thank you so much for the mention, I really appreciate that and your kind words xxx


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