Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hints Of Spring ♥

Spring, my favourite season, so full of the joys of life with it's delicious splashes of colour and new life in bloom all around us. After the long and stark winter I so welcome the world transforming from dull and grey tones into the bright and beautiful hues which symbolise the coming of warmer weather and days spent outdoors with those I love.

Yesterday, whilst I was looking after a dog for his owners, I took my camera out to explore their beautiful garden. There were so many pretty plants and flowers blooming and I couldn't help but take a few snaps of the ones which caught my eye the most. There was an abundance of daffodils in the garden but I neglected taking pictures of them in favour of the other shades in sights now - I've been viewing yellow since January now it seems so it's lovely to be seeing splashes of pink and purple again.

It was such a beautiful and sunny evening that on the way home from dog minding I decided to take my son to see his Grandad. I love going back 'home', home being the house I grew up in and I only wish I appreciated it and its beautiful surroundings when I was a youngster - oh how I long to live in the countryside again. Out home we discovered another hint of spring, some adorable baby lambs, whom my son has since christened Milly and Molly - luckily they are girls! One of the lambs was in love with the camera, turning her head to look at it whenever she got a chance - perhaps Tyra would have been a better name for her!

I love seeing hints of spring everywhere now, it's such a joyous season, full of new life and colour. I'm looking forward to capturing more of the delights of my favourite season as the weeks go by and shall try my very best to share them here, on my very much neglected second blog...


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