Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Fairy Prince ♥

Yesterday I went to the woods and I found the fairy prince...

It's amazing what a pair of rain and wind battered fairy wings can do for a child's imagination, and for a photographers creative vision too. My little prince was delighted with his newfound wings and he skipped off through the woods with them on his back, it was the sweetest sight.

We ventured through the woods, me with camera in hand, him with filled with a sense of wonder and magic... it was perfect. We admired all the offerings of the child-made fairyland, little trinkets scattered at the bottom of trees, surrounded by moss, ivy and fallen twigs and leaves. It's amazing how something so simple can make a place feel so magical.

At the very end of the woods my fairy prince found a clearing, one we had stumbled upon in the summer too, but this time the view was quite duller, the bright greens and bright blooms of summer missing from the vista on this visit, still... he loved in nonetheless.

On our way back through the wood an abandoned farmhouse settled in a nearby field caught my eye. I just had to go and explore it. Ivy clung to the derelict walls, reminding me that even discarded things can be embraced. A blue door was ajar but the path was blocked by overgrowth and something that resembled and old pram. As we explored some more we came to the front of the house and I imagine that it would have looked utterly beautiful and homely in its heyday. An abandoned blue car with the door left open remained outside and the shattered living room window revealed a floor strewn with book pages and cups ready for a nice cup of tea left on the table. It's as if the former occupants of the house simply vanished and no one had visited the house since... I fell in love with the place, although it did give me a spooky sense too.

Back in the woods my fairy prince hid behind a tree and an old iron bedhead which has since grown into a tree. His bright blue eyes peeped out at me through the leaves and the darkness. We could have played peekaboo all day long and he'd have never become bored.

Our final stop in the wood was at a mossy tree where he sat with his best friend Puppy, posing for a picture and giving lots of cuddles. These are some of the sweetest pictures I have captured of my fairy prince in recent times and I'll cherish them.

We had such a magical adventure in the woods and I couldn't have wished for a better exploring companion than my little fairy prince...



  1. Stunning as always Fi :) I love the photo where Tyler Lee has his bunny under his chin. He's an adorable little boy <3 Lovely to see you back here too :)
    Nicola x

    1. Thanks so much Nicola, you're always so kind. It feels good to be back! x

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time in the woods, it really does look like something out of a fairytale dosen't it? I used to love exploring the woods when I was a child!

  3. You photos are stunning. There's no way I would of looked in that house, I would of been way too spooked! It sounds amazing thorough. I really wish you knew more about it! X

  4. ooh what a magical adventure. I would love to do this with Sylvia. It must have been fun. I hope the pregnancy is going well. Have a fantastic week Angela

  5. He is so beautiful. What a magical adventure for you both - stunning photos to always remember the day too. I love exploring with Pickle, seeing the world through his eyes is so wonderful. Kaz x


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