Friday, April 7, 2017

Bluebell Boys ♥

On a warm, sunny Friday afternoon we returned to one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in the East Cork area - the stunning Ballyannan Woods. This was a place we first visited in May last year when I was 39 weeks pregnant and the woods were a sea of bright hued bluebells - a gorgeous sight to behold!

I decided at that time that we would one day return with our baby in tow, and this week was our time to do just that and although we were a week or two too early for the bluebell display, there were a good few dotted around the woods in bunches.

The floor of the woodland was also covered in a carpet of bright yellow buttercups and other white flowers which I don't know the name of, but they were still pretty nonetheless. This spot is most definitely a 'fairy wood' if I ever did see one, what with it's wild flowers blooming, fallen trees with cushions of thick moss to sit on and glorious sunlight flooding down through the treetops, it's nothing but picturesque and such a fairytale setting.

We had the whole wood to ourselves it seemed. It was so quiet and we got to enjoy it, taking pictures amongst the flowers and Tyler playing house in a gathering of fallen trees and deep hollow valley in the ground. It's afternoons like this that I live for.

We'll be returning to the wood to witness the bluebells in their majesty in two weeks time. I already can't wait. No doubt I'll have fun photographing my little bluebell boys once again.


  1. Wow! What a fantastic set of photos! You can really tell spring has come!

  2. Your photographs are absolutely stunning, I love looking through them and seeing your beautiful boys. The bluebells are so pretty and really complement the boys eyes too. Lovely post. xx

  3. What beautiful captures! You can't go wrong with flowers as a backdrop. I LOVE that bunny hat, how adorable :) x

  4. Its like winter has woken from its slumber and its glorious. I have to say that close of the eldest is so stunning x

  5. The bunny ear hat is the cutest! These photos are gorgeous!

  6. omg! those pictures are so lovely, the kids are super cute! x

  7. What beautiful pictures and beautiful boys. My grandfathers garden is currently covered with these delightful bluebells, they are so pretty and very whimsical, just like the woodland s

  8. Oh my goodness. These are adorable. The bluebells by us haven't fully come out yet x


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