Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Secret Garden ♥

Outdoor adventures in beautiful places is what I live for. I long for sunny, clear blue sky days, where I can bundle up my boys and head to the most stunning of locations for leisurely strolls, flower spotting and nourishing the children's imaginations.

For the past few days the boys and I have been frequenting stunning gardens that are just a few minutes away from our home by car. Having somewhere so idyllic just on our doorstep is a real treat and honestly, if I could go there everyday, I would.

I think these past few visits to the gardens have been quite enlightening for me. It's suddenly hit me that my eldest boy is quite grown up now, able to walk beside me or run off ahead, but always knowing to return - unlike all those times before where I would have to run after him, much to his dismay...

He's no longer that little toddler, but a little boy who has the most amazing imagination out of anyone I've ever met. Sticks are his new favourite thing, bonus points if they're bent slightly so he can pretend to fish in the pond and muddy puddles.

He is now happy to hold my hand as we walk around, in fact, he asks for it now - such a contrast to that little toddler who used to try and wriggle away at all times. He will be four in just over two weeks time and although my heart is breaking slightly at the thought of it already being four years since we welcomed him into our lives, it melts knowing that he's becoming a lovely, imaginative and happy child, who has so much love to give and is friendly beyond measure.

Of course he has his off days, days where he's naughty, even though he knows he has done wrong, but I can never stay mad at him for long because honestly, he's a joy to me and I couldn't be prouder of him and all he's overcome.

To see my children exploring the world around them is one of the most precious things to me. I hope we will forever be nature lovers, craving fresh air, sunny skies and lots of outdoor adventures.


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