Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Wonderland Link-Up #4 ♥

I apologise for the lack of The Wonderland Link-Up post last Sunday, my boys and I were away on holiday and I had no access to a laptop so I couldn't set up the post. Thankfully, my holiday gave me lots of beautiful images to choose from this week and I definitely had a lot of 'wow' moments from my time in Jersey and Sark.

The idea of The Wonderland Link-Up came from comments I received from people on some of my photography posts saying that my captures looked like they were from another world, a fairyland of sorts. So, as a huge Alice in Wonderland fan I thought - "why can't there be wonderlands here on Earth?" The point of The Wonderland Link-Up is to share any pictures you took during the week which made you stop and think "wow!". They could be photos of places and moments that were super magical to you and which seemed like they could be from another, perfect or weird and wonderful world. So please do share the magic in your photography or the world around you with us all.

The Wonderland Link-Up will take place every Sunday and shall run until Wednesday for entries. I shall be commenting on the entries myself over the coming days and look forward to seeing some beautiful images that inspired you and made you feel a bit awe-struck for awhile after you captured them. Thank you so much to Nicola from The Simply Homemade Mum, Jo from Given To Distracting Others, Channon from Sunshine By Channon and Merlinda from Glimmer of Hope for linking up in the last link-up.

This is my picture for week four and I am so in love with it, in fact, I'm so in love with all the pictures I took of my son at Jersey Lavender Farm, you can see more here. I captured this shot on a 200m zoom and used sports mode for continuous shooting to capturing my son running amongst the lavender. I love how the lavender looks so life-like in the shot, I love his little expression, half smiling, half frowning - I can never tell, he's like the Mona Lisa, I love the contrast of his outfit again the vibrant purple flowers, it really was a wow picture for me.

I am also linking this photo up to OneDad3Girls #MySundayPhoto

Thank you for taking part and have a lovely week, hopefully full of magic, joy and wonder...



  1. Gorgeous photo. I want to go for a run trough lavender. I need to find out where my nearest lavender farm is.

    1. Thank you Ali, I had to go all the way to Jersey to find a lavender farm, the nearest one to me in Ireland is a three and half hour drive away!

  2. This is stunning, I keep meaning to visit a local lavender farm

    Thank you for linking up

  3. Wow that looks like so much fun and a fab shot, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  4. That's a gorgeous photo! We went to a lavender field today and I was hoping to capture something similar, but the rows were too bushy Emma struggled to even walk through. Love this photo though :) #mysundayphoto

  5. Lovely photo! I always dream of a photoshoot on a lavender field cuz its so pretty like this one! #mysundayphoto

  6. Oh wow. That hair that lavender. This is such a great shot. Really adorable.


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