Monday, January 16, 2017

Eanáir | January ♥

We are already halfway through January and how this has happened so quickly I have no idea, but in my heart of hearts I honestly can't wait until January has passed. It's not a great month is it, January.

I've called in Eanáir in the title of this post, the Irish for January (pronounced anner) as learning and speaking more Irish is something I want to achieve this year, not just for me to embrace my heritage but for Tyler too, who's currently in Naíonra and learning lots of words as Gaeilge.

I don't think happiness is in abundance in January. For me it's the non-eventful, grey lull period after the festivities of Christmas and the gap before the beauty of spring - I see February 1st as being the start of spring as I was always taught that it was as a young child in school. But, even though I'm not a fan of January, I have tried to find the beauty in this month and capture it on camera.

This January in particular has been a hard one for me. Our house always seems to succumb to sickness during the month of January, but thankfully this year, bar some runny noses, the children are healthy. My health however, has deteriorated and most days I'm left in pain, pain which is so intense it makes me throw up and leaves me exhausted.

I wanted to start this new year out on a positive footing, but when you're feeling so unwell and so tired all the time it's hard to get things moving and I'm frustrated with my lack of progress with all the plans I have going on in my head.

Yesterday I went to bed at half four, no word of a lie. I slept through until seven in the morning and even now I'm still feeling exhausted and dealing with that horrible niggle in my ribs and stomach which makes me realise that later on, at some unknown time, I'm going to be in horrible pain again.

One thing I'm thankful for this month though is fresh air. I've gone on walks with my sons and have captured some beautiful photographs of them both, some of which I shared in my January Blues post and nothing makes me happier than being outside with my family and capturing pictures of them and our surroundings.

Some of these pictures were taken on our first family walk of the year, such a small thing to some people but a big thing for me as Jacek works a lot and just getting out and about as a foursome is such a special thing to me.

He snapped a lot of the pictures in this post too, I think I'm rather blessed to have my other half be interested in photography too. It's not often that I get in front of the camera as I'm so precise with the images I want to capture, but it is lovely to have pictures taken of me with the children.

On a quick walk I took with Tyler and Beau, we did have clear blue skies. The day was made even nicer by the bright yellow flowers gracing the gorse bushes again, a sure sign that spring and all it's loveliness isn't too far away.

Another lovely thing that happened this month is that Beau saw snow for the first time. It was only sleet and it didn't last very long at all but he saw it and was a little bit bewildered by it all.

Seeing your baby discover and witness all these things that the world has to offer is such a beautiful thing and I'll never stop wanting both of my boys to experience new things, go on new adventures and appreciate the world around them... even on the dullest, most dismal January days.

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