Thursday, April 30, 2015

Once Upon A Time... ♥

For quite some time now I've wanted to begin a second blog, a blog which is predominately focused on photography and my adventures with my family. I do feature these themes in my main blog Dolly Dowsie but I've been wanting to start a new project, one which can be filled with my newest passions in life from the beginning of it's creation and that's why Fawns & Fables was born. The name just came to me one day and from that moment I knew that had to be it, 'fawns' representing my son and any other children I may have and 'fables' for the stories I want to tell through my photography. Simple really isn't it? But I really do love how it sounds.

In the celebration of finally beginning this new blog I decided to venture out with my camera today and capture some images of my son. I see May as the beginning of summer so these pictures are a final hurrah to spring, celebrating all that is beautiful about the season and all the elements of it which I shall miss, until next year of course.

 I'll miss the beautiful apple blossoms but will await the sweet apples which she will eventually grow.

 I'll miss the Irish springtime and all her beautiful fields of fluroushing flowers and blooms.

 I'll miss the April showers and mismatched skies of bright blues and dark clouds as well as the age old question of - "should I bring an umbrella or not?"

 I'll miss having a boy who has just turned two. He'll be two and a half over the summer and that seems like a giant leap in age to me!

I'll miss impromptu spring photo sessions which result in my son being surrounded by splashes of colour and masses of shrubbary.

I'll miss lovely spring days with this little one.

I'll miss the after school adventures and giggles. *Schools out for summer...!*

 I'll miss the pretty little daisies. They bloomed early and are now dying off.

 I'll miss the daisies being the perfect backdrop to make my photos all hippy dippy.

 I'll miss the strolls and adventures that spring brings and the rekindled love for the outdoors after the cold, harsh winter.

I'll miss blowing on these yokes and making wishes...

I hope you enjoyed my photography and all my musings in this first post. I am so excited about this new project of mine and hope you will join me on my photography and travel adventures.

The End.

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