Thursday, January 19, 2017

How I Use Flowers For Child Photography ♥

It's no secret that I'm a keen photographer and a flower lover, and whenever I get a chance to combine both of these things, it makes me very happy indeed.

Whether I'm indoors or outdoors, I always try to include a floral element in my photography of my children - I think, or rather I hope, that floral elements have become a bit of an associated element in my photography by now, and I thought I'd share some ways to use flowers for child photography, for any other botanical lovers out there who want to add this element to their children's photographs.

Baby milestone photos
Floral arrangements for baby milestone photos are a gorgeous idea and this is something which I began doing with Beau from his third month update onwards. These floral arrangements can be as elaborate or simple as you like and you can even match the colour of the flowers to baby's outfit if you want to go all out.

Sink baths/bathtubs with flowers on the draining board/counter top/floating on the water
I love giving my baby a sink bath, I'm only sad I never did them with my first, and adding flowers to the water or placing a bunch on the draining board/counter top or even scattering them by the taps, can make for a lovely photo opportunity of baby's bath time.

Another idea I love is getting a bath milk to turn the bath water white and placing flowers around baby in the bath. The bath milk will ensure that baby's body is hidden from the camera and the colour of the flowers will really pop against the white.

Petals scattered on the background they're laying on
Honestly you don't need to spend a lot of money on professional photo shoot of your children - a white sheet, some rose petals and your baby's smile can make for the loveliest of shots.

Flowers as a prop
Sometimes I find that when photographing my boys there's an element missing from the shot, then I give them flowers to hold or lay next to them and it just makes the capture extra special.

Place them amongst the flowers
I love outdoor flowers shots, fields of flowers making for the most beautiful backdrops. Simply place your children amongst the flowers - sitting down if they can't walk, or let them run around and interact with their surroundings if they're older. These honestly make for the most beautiful of shots and I can never resist looking over hedgerows for meadows of wildflowers or finding flower farms of lavender and sunflowers for stunning summer captures.

I've already shared our memories in the wildflower meadow, our trip to Jersey Lavender Farm and Tyler amongst the yellow rape seed and I already have so many shoot ideas for the upcoming spring and summer, with both of my boys being surrounded by flowers.

I hope I've given you some floral inspiration for your child photography. Happy snapping!


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  1. These image's are beautiful, my garden is my go-to happy place, it's taken me 15yrs to pack it with flora and fauna your shots just make heart melt


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