Monday, August 21, 2017

Autumnal Strolls ♥

Autumn seems to be the perfect season for going on quiet, gentle strolls with the boys. It's not too hot so that we just want to laze on the grass and it's not too cold for us to want to stay indoors instead of venturing outside for some much needed fresh air.

Having two young boys can be quite full-on at times. They're wild and I dread the days where we have to stay inside due to bad weather - although I don't want us to become a fair-weather family either, so perhaps outings in the bad weather are in order sometimes too.

I love going on little leisurely strolls with them around beautiful places. I take joy in photographing the nature around me and my little scallywags too. Tyler is now of an age where he likes to collect things and he was in search of some pine cones, or 'hedgehogs' as he calls them - how adorable is that by the way?

He likes to collect sticks too and the bigger the better so he can pretend that they're a fishing rod. I love his imagination.

Beau has a penchant for crawling around after his brother, wanting to play chase amongst the trees. Although, he's very happy to sit in his buggy too and take in the world around him. I'm so glad to be raising little outdoor lovers.

There are little still hints of summer dotted on the landscape - hydrangeas not yet having lost their bright and beautiful colours, even some battered looking daisies sprinkled on the muddy grass... autumn is breaking through fully on the trees though, with lush greens turning to flame coloured foliage which is ever so pretty to look at. The sparse treetops make for beautiful lace-like patterns against the dull skies and the berries in abundance remind me that Christmas is on the way.

Autumn in Ireland is one of the best experiences a person can have - although, I'm pretty biased in that I love every season Ireland has to offer and the different attractions and beauty of them all, but autumn has a beauty and coziness like no other and it's truly wonderful.

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  1. Wow what beautiful photographs! Autumn in Ireland looks wonderful :D that is so adorable that your son calls pine cones hedgehogs :D I love it!



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