Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Joys of Spring ♥

I can't even express in words how happy I am that spring has arrived, and in all it's radiant glory too.

I like to think that I enjoy elements from all the seasons, but in reality I've always been a spring girl - beginning with my March arrival into the world, fond childhood memories of spring lambs, chicks, bunnies and Easter and now my love of flowers and spring outings with my own children in my adulthood.

I've thought for a long time now of creating a series here on the blog representing the aesthetics of each season as seen here in Ireland and although I'm not the best photographer, I think it'd be a lovely little project for me to work on and document my seasonal memories of my surroundings and my children.

So here is spring in all it's glory - flowers in bloom, splashes of colour amongst the green, bright heavenly sunlight shining down through the trees and my very own little deer experiencing the joy of his first ever spring right before my eyes.

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