Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snowdrops & Daffodils ♥

On Sunday we returned to one of our favourite places, the beautiful Blarney Castle and gardens. It's least to say I love this place, there's something to look at every way you turn and it has a real magical sense about it too, especially with it's stunning grounds filled with folklore and flowers.

We visit here all year round, but February is almost a time when we must visit, to capture sights of the pretty snowdrops and daffodils and take Tyler's birthday pictures - it's now a tradition for us.

The air was absolutely freezing on Sunday - I was regretting not bringing along my mittens, but thankfully the sun peeped out just long enough for us to capture some pictures amongst the beautiful blooms.

This was Beau's first encounter with daffodils and I have to say, he was quite taken with them, immediately cupping them in his hands and bringing them up to his nose for a closer look and a sniff.

It means so much to me to see my children interact with the nature around them. Seeing a baby witness the changing of the seasons is such a magical thing and experiencing each one with them is so precious. Spring and summer are the last of Beau's first seasons to witness, although of course, being a May baby he lived through last summer, but was not quite old enough to enjoy it in all it's glory.

We'll be making sure that we embrace the warmer seasons and all the beauty they have to offer. For now we'll continue to enjoy the changing of the seasons from the snowdrops and daffodils - snowy, cold scenes to sunny, bright landscapes.

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