Monday, January 15, 2018

Places I Long To See in the World ♥

*This is a collaborative post.

I am an adventurer by heart. I love exploring new places, seeing their landscapes and embracing their cultures. I haven't seen enough of the world yet and I long to explore, I long to experience different climates - both hot and cold and to set my eyes on sights I've never seen before.

There are many places which my heart hopes to explore one day and I'm sharing them here in the hopes that my wanderlust for experiencing these destinations may some day become a reality.

I once had a very good friend whose husband was from Morocco and she spoke about it so beautifully that I've been longing to go there ever since. Morocco is a whole world away from Ireland and with a completely different culture and climate, meaning it's the perfect place to explore something new.

There are so many beautiful villas in Morocco too which would make for the perfect luxurious places to stay whilst soaking up the African sun and experiencing the wonderful Moroccan cultures.

I follow a lovely lady on Instagram who has just returned home from a holiday in Bali and oh my goodness, it looks like Heaven on Earth. It's one of those destinations that I can only dream of visiting, but one day I hope to step food on one of those stunning white sand beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters with my boys - because experiencing Bali with children in tow would be amazing. It's a destination that is nothing short of paradise.

This is a destination which I wouldn't have even contemplated in visiting before Jacek made me look closer at what it had to offer. Before I would have associated Japan with modernity - something which I don't really have an interest in experiencing on my travels, but on further research, I've learnt that Japan has a lot to offer for nature lovers like myself.  The cherry blossoms in bloom are something I need to experience with my own eyes one day - I'm already dreaming of all the pink!

I've been to France twice before - Paris and Lyon, but for my next visit I'd love to see sunny Provence when it's lavender fields are in bloom. I've seen various pictures of the lavender fields of Provence, which have been described as the "soul" of Provence and they are nothing short of stunning. I also love the scent of lavender so these would be fields of dreams for me for sure.

Seeing the aurora borealis with my own eyes would be a dream come true and I think Iceland is the perfect destination to witness this. I'd also love to experience the geysers, icy landscape and waterfalls that Iceland has to offer. It's a destination in complete contrast to anything I've ever experienced before and it would be amazing to explore.

Where does your wanderlust want to take you?

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