Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Eve in the Woods ♥

It's New Years Eve. A time for goodbyes and new beginnings. A time to reflect on the year gone by and to make endless plans for the year ahead. It's such a strange time isn't it? I always find New Years Eve to be quite an emotional time, saying goodbye to people and situations which just created negativity in life, even if it hurts to leave them behind and trying to move ahead as positively as possible.

I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm getting old, but I also find myself thinking about people who may not be with us this time next year and I panic, trying to cherish and relish every moment that I have with my loved ones.

We never go out for New Years Eve, preferring to stay at home, ringing in the New Year together - whether we're awake or asleep side by side, at least we were together when it begun and hopefully will be together when it ends too.

We had a lovely family walk through the woods today. Blowing away the last few cobwebs of 2016 and clearing our minds for fresh opportunities and beginnings tomorrow. I hope this will be our year. Our year to succeed and get what we so wish for.

2016 brought us so much positivity, mainly in the form of our little Beau, who has been the best blessing our family could have asked for. His big brother is besotted with him and his father and I couldn't love him more, he's a dream, our little doll baby.

Even if our wishes don't come true this coming year, as long as our beautiful boys are happy, smiling and giggling, I'll be happy. I just want them to have the best life they possibly can, knowing that their father and I love them unconditionally, free to explore the world around them and all the adventures that await them.

Here's to 2017, please be good to us.


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