Monday, October 3, 2016

Summer's Last Hurrah ♥

Hello, it's me... no, sadly not Adele, but me, owner of this poor neglected blog.

When I began this new little space on the big, wide internet I had so many plans and was full of inspiration... now I can't even find the words to speak in person, never mind contemplating things to say on here.

I feel like I'm failing so much with my other blog, stuck in a perpetual and stubborn bout of bloggers block, so I've popped over here to my happy and carefree little space, the blog that doesn't expect anything from me and which expects or needs no promotion at all. In fact, I don't even care if no one reads this blog, this one is for me, but if you are reading along and taking a browse through my pictures then thank you so much, you're very welcome here.

Things have changed a lot in my life since I last contributed anything here. I'm now the mother of two children, two beautiful boys, each so different yet also so alike. The baby is besotted with the eldest and the eldest is protective of the baby, it's loud and busy but oh so lovely and I wouldn't change it for the world.

The baby is just four months old but we've already had so many adventures, it saddens me that I haven't shared any here so far, the blog which is supposed to be for my photography, but alas, they're elsewhere and I did manage to take an awful lot of pictures of his first summer on this Earth and for that I am grateful. I'll share adventures from his first autumn here instead and the months that follow... we'll have years of fun together.

We did have one last hurrah to summer though the other day, I can't remember exactly what day it was as they all melt into one now, but we ventured out to a place which I love and which my eldest now loves too thanks to the big lighthouse there, one that you can only admire and not visit mind.

The sun was splitting the stones as my Dad would say, it was a glorious day here in Ireland, as if summer was lingering on not wanting to let go and give way to the dullness, the clouds, the wind and the rain - which have all since arrived by the way. Summer gave us one last, beautiful hurrah and it was perfect.

I sat on the slipway with my babies, looking out to the ocean, glittering from the beating sun, foamy, white waves lapping at the shore and I thought to myself "this is perfect, I could sit here forever" and I really could have - I may have to bring a cushion for that stony slipway though!

Our life isn't perfect, nor is it overly exciting, but it's ours and I like it and capturing all these memories for my children, of our spur of the moment outdoor adventures is something which I love and will continue to do until they no longer want to join in.

Until that day I'll continue snapping away and relishing every impromptu or planned outing with them because they are my babies. Forever.

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