Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Purple Haze Amongst the Lavender ♥

We've just returned from our family holiday in Jersey in the Channel Islands, just last night in fact, and I couldn't wait to get these pictures uploaded to see how they looked on a bigger screen - it's hard to take in all the detail when images are still on the camera. Jacek and I really wanted to visit Jersey Lavender Farm to capture some beautiful pictures of our boy amongst the purple flowers and to also pick up some lavender and oil to help us in getting to sleep (I find it so hard to drift off to sleep and stay asleep so hopefully these things will work!).

I visited Jersey Lavender Farm as a child with my grandparents and was really looking forward to seeing it again, this time with my own child in tow. I dressed him in his beautiful Peter Rabbit yellow vintage romper - the colour being a perfect contrast against the purple blooms. I absolutely loved the images I captured of my son. At first he was apprehensive about going amongst the lavender and just wanted to stay with his father and I, but after awhile he became more adventures and even went so far as to pick some heads of lavender, before trying to put it back on the stem! They had two lovely, old-fashioned swings hanging from trees in the farm and of course my boy had to have a go on the 'see-saw'. He looked so sweet sitting on it with his little sailor doll which we picked up in the gift shop on our way into the farm (yes we do things backwards!).

It was such a lovely calming spot and I really could have sat there all day watching the butterflies and bees buzzing amongst the blooms, there were so many of them and the fields were a hive of activity. I was so glad we visited and I'll be adding these pictures to my sons travel journal which was very kindly given to my son by my dad's ever thoughtful girlfriend Shirley, she really does have a heart of gold and it was such a sweet sentiment. It's lovely for him to be able to have things like this to look back on from his toddler travels.

If you ever find yourself in Jersey I would highly recommend a trip to the lavender farm, it's such a beautiful spot and in my opinion, it's worth a trip just for the photo opportunities alone. I shall be sharing more about our experience there and more pictures of the farm on my other blog Dolly Dowsie soon.



  1. What a beautiful place! I can see never wanting to leave :)

    1. Thank you Channon, it really was so beautiful :)

  2. where are his shoes from Fi? they are fab! It is so hard to find nice shoes for little men. Tyler Lee is such a cutie pie

    1. They're from JoJo Maman Bebe Rachelle. It really is hard to find those t-bar buckle such for boys. Thank you :) x


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