Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fawning Over Him ♥

Do you ever look at your child and wonder how you created something so beautiful? I did this a lot yesterday, when older ladies at the soft play fawned over him and told me how beautiful he was and when I captured these pictures during our evening walk in the woods, looking back at them I thought, wow, my son really is a doll. Now I don't want to be one of those mothers who is constantly on about their children - as a blogger this can be quite difficult - but I really wanted to just take a step back and look at my child, really look at him and realise how lucky I really am to have him.

I'm not going to lie, the last couple of weeks with him have been hard. He's an absolute angel in our house but when we go out he can become a nightmare - like attacking me outside the shop last week, yes literally attacking me, he went for my face and was roaring like the anti-christ and hitting me again yesterday in the face when I took him to soft play. These events got me very down, I started wondering if I had done something wrong, why was he acting so negatively to me? I had a good think for myself and realised he's just like me, when he doesn't get his own way he acts out - now I don't go attacking people but I can sulk for Ireland, and as he's just learning how to speak properly now he doesn't know how to express himself in a reasonable manner. This is something I have to help him with, not chastise him for.

It can be so hard being a mother, especially when you're on your own for the majority of the time and would just do anything for a bit of help, but then when we go out, especially in the evenings and have some quality time, lots of kisses and cuddles and giggles, I realise just how lucky I am and with the good will always come the bad. My son is a person after all, not someone I can mould to fit into my ideals and boy am I lucky to have him.

I can't help fawning over him. He is my everything, even when he accidentally elbows me in the chin and makes me cry - it's happened, just this morning actually. Oh toddlers!



  1. Awh Fi, I can't get over your photography and the cuteness of TL.

    I have the same with F so I know exactly how you feel, I'm putting it down a 'phase' xx

  2. Amazing photo's!! You have such a great eye for them!! xx


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