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Ideas For Decorating Your Home Cheaply But Beautifully ♥

The older I get the more I've become interested in home decor. As a child I remember my mother being obsessed with soft furnishings, painting and generally anything that had to do with improving or updating the interiors of our home. She even had a 'dream drawer', full of home design and interiors magazines, full of things she wanted to try out and implement in the decor of our house.

At the time I never could see just why she was so passionate about wanting the place 'just so', or why she always wanted to change things around. I remember coming home from school and she'd frequently be painting the kitchen cupboards, hanging up new curtains or blinds and changing the bedding in all the rooms. I actually thought she was a bit bonkers, but now I get it.

Making your home look just how you want it can give you such a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Home decor trends come and go and it's nice to change things up once and a while - although I'm definitely a lover of clean, white spaces and shabby chic decor, it has to be said.

Today I thought I'd share some decorating tips that can be used in any room of the house and which are quite cost effective too. If you're like myself and want to update your home but have a limited budget, there's no need to put your plans on hold, there are lots of decorating tips that can easily be implemented no matter how little cash you have to spare.

Here are six ideas to inspire you and that will hopefully make a big difference to the space you'd like to improve, without breaking the bank.

Hang artwork
Adding a piece of artwork to a room can have a dramatic effect, without requiring much effort to implement. Well-used rooms such as a living room or kitchen can benefit from the addition of a focal piece of artwork, creating a talking point among visitors. 

However, having art in your home doesn't have to be a great expense, old postcards or polaroid pictures of your family's favourite memories hanging on the wall can be an equally beautiful talking point in a room and quite a personal one too.

Consider the lighting
Lighting can affect the ambience of a room, so choose lighting options carefully to ensure you create the desired effect. Opt for soft spot lights in the bedroom or bathroom to evoke an inviting and cosy atmosphere, while the kitchen necessitates brighter lights for specific task areas. 

I'm a big fan of LED fairy lights, which are perfect for draping over bed headboards or placing in glass jars for an atmospheric touch. These can be bought for quite cheaply too from shops such as Penneys/Primark - I picked up some beautiful rose designed lights for just €3!

Invest in new blinds or curtains
Windows are such an important feature in the home and not only do they provide some much needed (and much craved from my photography loving perspective) light, but they're also a vital part of making sure your home is energy efficient. 
Blinds and curtains can be a really talking point in a room, after all, they're framing the window and providing warmth, privacy and an added design piece within the home. Popular blind makes VELUX offer some lovely blind design options, all of which are energy efficient too. There are quite good savings to have on these blinds too, so they needn't be a great expense at all.

Add some plants or flowers
Bringing nature indoors is a budget-friendly way to add colour to any room and something I always strive to do in my own home. I buy fresh flowers on a bi-weekly basis and honestly, having a colourful bouquet of flowers or plants sitting on the windowsill can really brighten up the place and give a sense of freshness to a room.

I've previously shared some ideas on how to decorate with flowers and honestly, it's amazing what something so simple cheap bouquet and some vintage china bought from a charity shop can do to make a room all the more appealing.

Organise your rooms
One of the most effective ways to freshen up a room, without damaging the purse strings, is to give it a good tidy up. Sort through any unwanted clutter and store items away neatly in storage boxes - these can be picked up quite cheaply in discount and home ware stores. 

Utilise your storage space by placing items and boxes under the bed, in wardrobes, cupboards or on shelves. Not only will you gain extra space, but your room will be a much more pleasant environment to spend time in too. It's amazing what decluttering can do for your home and your soul!

Give old furniture a new lease of life
You don't need to buy new furniture to restyle a room. It's amazing what a lick of fresh paint can do to totally transform a piece you weren't very fond of into something you absolutely love.

I've transformed ugly old chairs from dark wood and horrible seating upholstery, into something bright and pretty just by using some old paint I had in the shed and a duvet cover. You can see the transformation here. Once you put your mind to it, giving old furniture a new lease of life is something that is quite simple and cheap to do, whilst totally transforming the decor of your room. 

*This is a collaborative post.



  1. I am a big fan of places like Home Bargains and even Aldi for cheap yet nice ways to freshen up a home.

  2. I'm in the process of redecorating my room. These are great tips, thanks!

  3. These are great suggestions! I love hanging artwork and putting up fairy lights!

    Ella xx


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